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A few facts how to make your stay, a GREAT one

New Star Car Vacation - Mauritius
  • At New Star Car, we are flexible to budgets, trustworthy and are always present for the needs and queries of our clients.
  • Having 20 years of experience in car rental services in Mauritius, we understand your needs and expectations and have developed an expertise in meeting them accordingly.
  • We have a whole range of car rental opportunities in our menu which you can benefit from during your stay and throughout the island.
  • A fleet of vehicles to fit needs, tastes and budget, we give you a variety of choices and let you make the most of touring in Mauritius.
  • We add additional value to packages and to your stay in our country. We aim your complete satisfaction.
  • With New Star Car, car hire in Mauritius has never been easier and quicker. We provide you with instant and privileged services.